12th Class 2nd Year English Guess Paper 2022 All Board

2nd year English guess paper 2022 

This is sophomore English conjecture paper 2022. 12th class English conjecture paper 2022 download in pdf. This guess paper is for the Punjab board. Conjecture papers for the second year of English are the totally well-thought-out idea of the next quiz for the year 2022.

This idea or guess tells you which questions are the most important for upcoming exams. ilmadda provides risk-free guesswork and can confidently prepare you to pass exams with at least 50 points, if you haven’t studied anything else.

2nd year English guess paper 2022

Sophomore English exam 2022 is for Lahore board, Gujranwala board, Faisalabad board, Sahiwal board, Sargodha board, Multan board, Rawalpindi board, DG khan board and the Bhawalpur board.

English Guess Paper 2022 Class 12

——-> For the objective part, check out our Second Year English Objective Notes, which include only important synonyms, sentence correction, and preposition notes.

I have recently updated the new English matching scheme for class 12. This scheme is for all Punjab boards for the 2022 year exams.

I have notices that students were constantly looking for an English paper outline, but no publisher had provided it on the web. I decided to do it and upload it to ilmadda.

Important questions for all questions have been given step by step according to the layout of the paper:

2nd year English guess paper Punjab board

Lesson 1 (The dying sun)
Q. 1 (How is it that a …….. )
Q. 2 (What happened when …….. )
Q. 3 (Why is there no life …….)
Extra question 1 (What is planetary system?)
Extra Question 2 (What are stars?)

Extra Question 3 (What are planets and how did they come into existence?)

Extra Question 4 (How did our earth come into existence?)

Lesson 2 (Using the Scientific method)
Q. 1 (How has the scientific method helped …….)

Q.6. (How has the scientific method helped …….)

Details are in pdf version

Lesson 3 (Why boys fail in college)
Q. 2 ( How does mistaken ambition …. )
Q. 4 ( How does financial pressure ……. )

Q.5 see pdf file

Extra Questions 1 (What are two types of boy who fail in college?)

Lesson 5 ( On Destroying books)
All exercise questions

Lesson 7 (My financial career)
Q. 2 (Why did the manager come to think ……. )
Q. 4 (What other blunders Leacock commit …… )
Q. 5 (After misadventure in the bank …….. )

Lesson 9 (Hunger and population explosion)
Q. 1 ( What does hunger mean on ….. )
Q. 4 ( What is main reason for ……. )
Q. 8 (Why Is birth rate not so ……. ) 

Lesson 11 (First year at Harrow)
Q. 3 (Why did not Churchill do ….. )
Q. 4 (How did Churchill do his …… ) OR How did Churchil perform in his entrance exams at Harrow?
Q. 7 (In after years how did …… )
Extra question 1 (Why did Churchill dislike examinations?)

Lesson 14 (Luis Pasteur)
Q. 2 (Give some instances of ……. )
Q. 3 (What do you mean by ….. )
Q. 4 (How did Pasteur prove that ….. )

Lesson 15 (Mustafa Kamal)
Q. 4 (Write a note on Mustafa Kamal’s ….. )
Q. 1 (What was the attitude of ….. )

Goodbye Mr. Chips important Chapters

Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 11 and 13

Important Essays

1. Patriotism

2. My Aim in Life

3. Corruption
4. Why I love Pakistan

5. Importance of Muslim unity 

6. Pollution
7. Place of Women is society 

8. Life in A Village 

9. My first day at college
10. Uses and abuses of mobile phones
11. Energy crisis

12. A cricket match 

13. The Holy Quran

14. My Hobby

Tips: Download our English essays notes for 2nd year in PDF

Important Idioms and phrasal verbs

A cat’s paw, above board, A narrow escape, maiden speech, A man of straw, at eleventh hour, at length, at sixes and sevens, at daggers drawn, at large, bad blood, call in, bread and butter, beat about the bush, break the ice, carry on, carry out, give away, get through, break away, break out, bag and baggage, for good, cold blood, dark horse, give in, put down, bring up, white elephant, above board, a queer fish, back out, bird’s eyeview, better half, carry the day, call a spade a spade, every inch, get rid of, hold water, null and void, rainy day, put on, carry off, come by, come across, draw a blank, end in smoke, fall out, in black and white, die in harness, heart and soul, pass away, put off, rainy day, smell a rat, lion’s share

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