2nd Year 12th Class Chemistry Paper Scheme 2022

Chemistry Scheme 2nd year 2022 Panjab Board

In chemistry exams, students are tested in various fields such as inorganic and physical chemistry. and the scariest topic for students is organic chemistry. The chemistry program 2nd year 2022 for the Punjab Board removes some degree of pressure from the students by informing them about the basic elements that are expected to come in the final exam. It is important to note that the 2022 coupling plan for all Punjab tables, including the Faisalabad, Sahiwal Board and Rawalpindi Board, is the same.

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Get the 2nd year Chemistry Pairing Scheme 2022

Science courses require thorough preparation as candidates have to strengthen their concepts in order to get the maximum score in the annual exams. This year the 12th grade annual exams will be conducted according to the smart curriculum issued by the competent authorities,

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so that students are notified to check the chemistry pairing plan 2022 2nd year according to the smart curriculum and prepare accordingly. The chemistry curriculum includes the theoretical part as well as the chemical formulas that students must prepare to get a good grade in the annual exams.

2nd year chemistry pairing scheme 2022

The 2nd year paper program for chemistry 2022 is issued by all Punjab education boards to facilitate students in preparing their paper. The figure provides an understanding of the board evaluation template for chemistry students. Students find it useful in analyzing the importance and weight of different sections of the course content.

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12th Grade 2022 Chemistry Matching Design All Punjab Boards

The image form for the paper design is given below. You can also download it in pdf. Or copy the text of the pairing plan to your phone. This is a new paper design for FSc Chemistry Part 2 for 2022.

Chapter NoMCQsS.QsL.Qs
1512May be

Q#2(Ch# 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 15)       Q#3(Ch# 5, 7, 8, 10, 14)  

 Q#4(Ch# 9, 11, 12, 13, 16)     Q#5(Ch# 1, 3)      Q#6(Ch# 2, 6(or 15)      

Q#7(Ch# 7, 10)       Q#8(Ch# 8, 12)       Q#9(Ch# 9, 11)

2nd year chemistry chapter wise long and short questions

Question No. 1 MCQs = 17 (1 mcqs from all chapters but 2 MCQs from chapter 12, 13, 15

Download: 2nd year chemistry guess paper 2022

Question No. 2 (8/12)
Chapter 1 = 2 short questions
Chapter 2 = 2 short questions
Chapter 3 = 2 short questions
Chapter 4 = 2 short questions
Chapter 6 = 2 short questions

Chapter 15 = 2 short questions

Question No. 3 (8/12)
Chapter 5 = 3 short questions
Chapter 7= 2 short questions
Chapter 8 = 3 short questions
Chapter 10 = 2 short questions

Chapter 14 = 2 short questions

Question No. 4 (6/9)
Chapter 9 = 2 short questions
Chapter 11 = 2 short questions
Chapter 12 = 1 short questions

Chapter 13 = 2 short questions

Chapter 16 = 2 short questions

Long questions (Attempt ANY THREE questions from FIVE Questions)

Questions No. 5
Chapter 1= part A
Chapter 3 = Part B

Questions No. 6
Chapter 2 = part A
Chapter 6 = Part B

Questions No. 7
Chapter 7 = part A
Chapter 10 = Part B

Questions No. 8
Chapter 8 = part A
Chapter 12 = Part B

Questions No. 9
Chapter 9 = part A
Chapter 11 = Part B

12th Paper chemistry scheme 2022

To prepare for the exam, one of the most important things to consider is to check the published curriculum and paper samples. 10th Class Chemistry Pairing Scheme 2023. 10th Class Computer Pairing Scheme 2023. Computer Science Matric – 10th Class Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Board Looking for a computer science level 10 matching scheme, so there is nothing to worry about? In general, before preparing for the exam. Students worry about how to better prepare for the exams to get the highest grade.

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Chemistry Paper Scheme 2nd year 2022

This is a new paper plan for FSC Part 2 Chemistry for 2022. All applicants can also get any other Chemistry 2022 Coupling Plan in which they feel they can not prepare this subject thoroughly. Below is a diagram of the 12th grade chemistry coupling plan, so just take a look at it and save it to your hard drive for help with this coupling plan later.

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Chemistry coupling program 12th grade 2022 Punjab Board. Prior to the start of the exams, the board authorities provide the students with the 2nd year 2022 Punjab chemistry pairing program to the students so that they can prepare for the annual exams accordingly.