2nd Year 12th Class English Pairing Scheme 2022

12 class English pairing scheme 2022

The printed form of the English end of the year is given here on this page. The program concerns the 2022 papers for all Punjab paintings. The latest updates on the 2022 coupling system changes are here.

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2nd year English scheme 2022

The image version of the pairing pattern can give you a complete understanding of the English pattern paper grade 12. The paper pattern also gives you an idea of how many short questions will come from which part of the book.

Thus, this program is very important for students who want to plan the short-term preparation of 2022 papers.

Class 12 Paper Scheme English

Candidates who are preparing for the annual 12-grade exams and are looking to take the 2nd year couples program can check it out from this platform. There are several study groups that the candidate can choose between. The board authorities provide the pair plan for all study groups so that students can prepare for the exams accordingly.

FA, FSc, ICS part 2 (12th class) English paper scheme 2022

The following paper format will be followed in all Punjab tables in the 2022 exam. I had also published a new English Guess 2022 for 12th grade. You can also download this guess paper to get good brand in 2nd year English.

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2nd year English paper scheme 2022

The students can see that the complete syllabus paper scheme of English for class 12 is given below:

MCQs 20
BOOK II (Modern Pros)3 synonyms
BOOK II (Heroes)3 Synonyms
Goodbye Mr. Chips4 Synonyms
Prepositions5 MCQs
Choose the Correct sentences5 MCQs
Subjective Part
Q.212 marksBOOK II (Modern Pros)6 /9 Short questions Lesson 1-3= 4 short questionsLesson 4-7 = 2 short questionsLesson 8-10 = 3 short questions
Q.312 marksBook II (Heroes)6/8 Short questionsLesson 11-13 = 4 short questionsLesson 14-15 = 4 short questions
Q.416 marksGoodbye Mr. Chips8/12 Short QuestionsLesson 1-5 = 4 short questionsLesson 6-10 = 4 short questionsLesson 11-18 = 4 short questions
Q.515 marksEssayOne essay from the 4 topicsSee list of important essays
Q.610 marksIdioms/PhrasesAttempt 5 out of 8Important idioms are given on our website
www.zahidenotes.comQ.715 marksTranslation of Urdu paragraph into EnglishStudents have to translate the given Urdu passage into EnglishImportant paragraphs are available with solution on our website
Note: English medium candidate will write a paragraph in English on the given topic instead of translation in Q.No.7

12th English pairing program for 2022

The Board of Education provides students with all the facilities they need to ensure that they achieve high marks in their exams. Looking for a second year mating program for all subjects.

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Most of the time, pairing schemes enhance student learning. Many teachers and educators encourage students to use the 12th grade pair design as they study for the test.

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