9th Class Math Guess Paper 2022 Get 100% Marks in Exams

Mathematics is an important and main subject for 9th grade students. This is not an easy task. Most of the students find it difficult as there are many formulas. We provide math guessing papers to 9th graders with which students can perform well on the blackboard exams. These guesswork cards will help you get good grades in math. 9th Grade Math Guess Paper 2022 is available here now, which you can also download.

9th grade math Guess paper 2022

Now, a better opportunity is available to all 9th ​​graders. Students should take advantage of this opportunity if they really want to get maximum grades in math. 9th graders will surely find these guesswork cards very important and useful in the blackboard exams. These guess papers are available in soft format here and well designed.

All students can download the 9th grade math guess paper in pdf from here and can save it for offline practice. Students should definitely practice on these guesswork papers before examining the board for better performance. These guesswork documents are free to download in pdf files.

9th class general math guess paper English medium

Unit 1 important questions

Ex 1.1= Q1(i,iii) Q2 (ii) Q4 (vii)

Ex 1.3= Q1(ii, v) Q2 (iii)

Ex 1.4= Q2, Q3, Q5

Ex 1.5= complete

Review= Q3

Unit 2 important questions

Ex 2.1= complete

Unit 3 important questions

Example no. 3

Ex 3.1= Q1, Q3, Q5, Q6, Q7

Example no. 1

Ex 3.2= Q1, Q2, Q3, Q5, Q8

Example no.  1 & 3

Ex 3.3= Q1, Q3-Q5

Review= Q3, Q4

Unit 4 important questions

Ex 4.1= Q1, Q2

Examples no. 2 & 3

Ex 4.2= Q6, Q3, Q12, Q13

Example no. 1

Ex 4.3= Q4, Q6-Q9

Unit 5 important questions

Example no.2 (sales tax)

Example no. 1 (excise duty)

Example no. 1 (property tax)

Ex 5.1= Q1-Q8

Ex 5.3= Q1, Q2, Q4

Unit 6 important questions

Ex 6.1= Q4(iii, viii) Q5 (i, iii, xi)

Ex 6.2= Q18, Q21

Ex 6.3= complete

Example no. 2

Ex 6.4= Q1(v) Q3(iii) Q4(i, ii)

Ex 6.5= Q1, Q4, Q6, Q8(i, iv)

Unit 7 important questions

Example no. 1, 2, 7

Ex 7.1= Q1(i, iii, iv, v, viii)

Ex 7.2= Q1(i, ii, iv) Q4, Q9, Q10

Example no. 1

Ex 7.3= Q1-Q5, Q9

Ex 7.4= Q1, Q2, Q9

Example no. 2

Ex 7.5= Q1, Q5, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q12

Review= Q5

Unit 8 important questions

Example (find AUB)

Example no. 1 & 2 (complement)

Ex 8.1= Q1(i, iv, v) Q3-Q7

Ex 8.2= Q1-Q6

Review= Q5, Q6

Unit 9 important questions

Ex 9.1= complete

Ex 9.2= Q1-Q4, Q7

Ex 9.3= Q1 (C, D)

Review= Q4

Unit 10 important questions

Ex 10.3= Q1-Q5

Note: Do all questions of variance and standad daviation

9th class general math Important definitions

Important definitions

1. Percent (Feesad)

2. Ushar

3. Profit and loss (nafa o nuqsaan)

4. All types of bank accounts

5. Bank draft

6. Inssurance

7. Ratio and proportion (nisbat and tanasab)

8. Inheritance (wirasat)

9. direct and inverse proportion (tanasb raast and tanasab makoos)

10. bait (chhooot)

11. Pay Order

12. All Types of taxes

13. Set

14. natura numbers (qudarti adaad)

15. Prime numbers (mufrad adaad)

16. Standard deviance (miaari Inheraaf)

17. median (wastaniah)

18. Domain and range

19. Maturty

20. Universal set

Best of Luck…..! 🙂 

Guess Math Tasks for 9th Class

The Punjab 2022 table examination pattern is followed on these math guess papers so that students can easily attempt the table examination. Our experienced teachers created these important 9th guess math papers based on the pattern of the Punjab table.

You can score better in math by practicing these useful guessing cards. Download the 9th grade math guess paper 2022 and practice. Most of the questions on the board will be the same as those on Grade 9 math guessing paper 9. These important guesswork papers are created based on many years of experience. Guess papers for all classes in all grades are available on the Ilmadda website where students can easily download for best results.

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Guess Papers 2022 Class 9 Punjab Board

You will understand the importance of these writings in the examination. Students hurry, it’s time to complete the preparation through the 2022 Class 9th Guess Papers. Here you can check 9th grade guest documents in PDF and also save them with 9th grade notes.

9th grade Guess Papers 2022 All topics

You will appreciate the importance of these writings in the examination. Students hurry, it’s time to complete the preparation through the 2022 Grade 9 guesswork papers. You can check the 9th Grade guesswork here in PDF and also save them with the 9th Grade notes.

9th Class Guess Papers 2022 All Subjects Panjab Board

For the Board’s annual examination, these Guest Papers 2022 Class 9 Punjab Board and Guest Papers 2022 Class 9 Lahore Board are the best. We provide you with valuation documents that are important. Gus cards are available in both media. The ninth grade 2022 assessment document for grade 9 students is available on the ilmadda website

9th Class Guess Papers All Subject
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. Now, you can easily practice on the best test results through the 9th Uninstalled Papers. Notices and previous assignments for students are also available here. Take advantage of 9th grade guessing paper and get ready to get good exam scores. Class 9 paper design can also be beneficial for you.

9th grade concession document 2023 all Panjab Board

Remember that the 9th grade Punjab chart changes every year. The paper is made every year according to the Plan. Therefore, this conjecture paper is for the year 2022. We will update this page for the 9th grade conjecture document 2023 next year. Punjab Board 9th class guess Paper 2023.