9th Class Urdu Paper Pairing Scheme 2022 , Pairing Scheme For 100% Marks

A paper pattern is a tool that gives an idea of ​​what the paper will look like on the board exam in 2022. This paper pattern is a paper sketch and all the questions are explained in detail. Students can have an idea of ​​how the work will be organized and what questions will be asked from which section of the syllabus.

9th grade Urdu paper pattern 2022

Paper schemes for 9th grade have already been published. But this time, I shared the Urdu paper pattern for 9th grade. The paper drawing or paper pattern for the 92022 exam is given. The Urdu paper is often handled lightly by students. But most of the students get low grades in Urdu in the board exams.

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You can also see the same type of pattern and paper shape of the 10th Urdu class for the year 2022. Now the paper shape is also given in pdf. Download free pdf paper shapes from the pdf download button below the image.


The table form of the scheme is given below the details comes after:

سلیبسMCQsاشعار/پیرا کی تشریحshort Questions 
حصہ نثر715 
حصہ نظم24/32 
حصہ غزل12/31 
حصہ گرامر5   
Question No.Chapters
Q.2 (اشعار کی تشریح)نظم 4 میں سے 3 اشعار   اور حصہ غزل سے 3 میں سے 2 اشعار کی تشریح (5×2=10(
Q.3(پیرا گراف کی تشریح)دو نثری پیرا گراف دئیے جائیں گے دونوں کی ہی تشریح کرنی ہو گی۔ سبق کا عنوان، مصنف کا نام اور مشکل الفاظ کے معنی بھی لکھنے ہوں گے۔ (5×2=10(
Q.4 (مختصر سوالات)ٹوٹل آٹھ مختصر سوالات میں سے پانچ حل کرنے ہوں گے۔ 10 مارکس
Q.5 (سبق کا خلاصہ)دو اسباق میں سے ایک کا خلاصہ لکھنا ہو گا ۔ 5 مارکس
www.zahidenotes.comQ.6 نظم کا خلاصہ یا مرکزی خیال ))نظم کا مرکزی خیال یا خلاصہ لکھنا آئے گا۔ مصنف کے نام کا بھی 1 نمبر ہو گا۔  5 مارکس
Q.7 خط یا درخواست))خط یا درخواست میں سے ایک آئے گا۔ اردو قواعد و انشا ء کتاب صفحہ 59 تا 77 ۔ 10 مارکس
Q.8 کہانی یا مکالمہ))کہانی یا مکالمہ کرنا ہو گا چوائس ہو گی۔ اردو قواعد و انشاء صفحہ 78تا 83، 108 تا 117۔ 5 مارکس
Q.9 جملوں کی درستی و تکمیل))اردو قواعدو انشاء کی کتاب سے  صفحہ 34، 35، 44، 45، 46

All the components of Urdu paper for 9th class have been explained below.

Q.1. MCQs = 15 marks

  • Hissa Nasar = 7 mcqs
  • Hissa Nazam = 2 mcqs
  • Hissa Ghazal = 1 mcqs
  • Urdu Grammar = 5 mcqs

Q.2. Ashaar ki Tashreh Krein = 10 marks

  • 4 ashaar from hissa Nazam and students have to explain 3 ashaar each having 2 marks
  • 3 ashaar from Hissa Ghazal and students have to explain 2 ashaar each having 2 marks
  • Tashreeh should be around half page.

Q.3. Paragrap ki tashreeh from Hissan Nasar

  • two paragraphs from the book are given and the students have to explain all the two paragraphs. There is no choice.
  • Name of author = 0.5 marks
  • Title of the lesson = 0.5 marks
  • Meanings of difficult words = 2 marks
  • Explanation = 2 marks
  • The explanation should be around 3/4 page to a full page

Q.4. Short questions = 10 marks

  • 8 short questions are given and the student have to write answers for 5 questions each having 2 marks
  • Hissan nazam 5 short questions
  • Hissan Nazam 2 short questions
  • Hissa Ghazal 1 short questions

Q.5. Lesson Ka Khulasa = 5 marks

  • There are 2 lessons names and the students have to write a Khulasa of ANY ONE of them.
  • Khulasa should be 1 page to 1-2 pages

Q.6. Nazam ka Khulasa ya Markazi Khyal = 5 marks

  • Shayer ka name = 1 marks
  • Khulasa = 4 marks
  • There is no choice in this question you have to write Khulasa of ONE poem given.

Q.7. Application or Letter = 10 marks

  • There is a choice in this question. You can either write a letter or an application on the given topics
  • Your letter or application should be of ONE FULL PAGE to 1.5 pages

Q.8. Story or Dialogue = 5 marks

  • This question has a choice too. You can write either a story on the given topic or a dialogue.
  • It should be of 1-1.5 pages

Q.9. Complete the sentences or Correct the sentences = 5 marks

  • There is a choice in this question:the student either complete the given sentences, usually the Zarb-ul-amsaal (Board grammar pages = 41-45
  • Or they correct the sentences (board grammar pages 33-35)

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