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The institute was named in honor of King George V of the United Kingdom. However, in the dialect, the school was called the “veil school” because the majority of female students were Muslims who wore the niqab. Queen Mary College was originally established in 1908 as Victoria May Girls’ High School. The school operated according to English public schools. The major administrative and teaching faculty consists of English women. Due to the commendable services rendered by the institution in the field of education, the institution was given the status of a college and was named Queen Mary College.

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  • It is a well-known institution that promotes higher education and opens its doors only to female students. Preschool, primary, secondary, GCEO level, undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs are offered by Queen Mary College (QMC).
  • This autonomous degree institution is located in the heart of Lahore. The location of the Institute on Davis Road is excellent and ideal. It is easily accessible from all parts of Lahore.

QMC, which started with just 11 students, entered its first batch and is currently home to more than 7,000 female students who are receiving premium education from the institution. The old QMC notion of “an institute for the elite class only” was removed when the institute opened its doors to all. The institute provides education from grade one to postgraduate. Therefore, the institute is divided into four sections namely Junior School, Senior School, College and Post Graduate Sectio


The school was established on December 10, 1908 as Victoria May Girls’ High School for the education of the daughters of the elite, the rulers of the royal states, the landlords, the judges, and so on. Recruited to work there. The institution was upgraded on 17 November 1911 and renamed Queen Mary’s College in honor of the Queen’s Concert of King George V of Great Britain. As most students observed the veil, the institution became known as the “Veil School.”

The girls who were first admitted to the school included Jahan Ara and Geeti Ara, who later played important roles in Pakistan’s independence movement as Begum Jahan Ara Shahnawaz and Begum Geeti Ara Bashir Ahmed. Begum Shahnawaz also worked for the welfare of her scholars and was the chairperson of the college’s advisory committee for many years. Many other prominent women of Lahore, such as Lady Fazal Hussain and Lady Abdul Qadir, were members of this committee.

Established as a school for the daughters of the rich and powerful, Queen Mary College lifted its post-independence restrictions on admission and opened its doors to applicants from all walks of life. It became a degree college in 1966 and a center for postgraduate classes in 2003.

  • In January 1998, Queen Mary College was granted an independent status.
  • Queen Mary College, which started with a group of only 11 students, now has approximately 7,000 students with 244 faculty members.