Merit List 2022 at Edwards College Peshawar

Edwards College was the first university college in the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan. It was first established in 1900 as a high school in Peshawar named after Sir Herbert Edwards, which became a college affiliated to the Punjab University. After partition, it became part of the University of Peshawar for geographical reasons when it was inaugurated in 1952.

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The main university site is a short distance away. The college has both a mosque and a Christian chapel. The current site of the college campus is located in an attractive part of the city, within easy reach of the provincial museum and archives, railway station, airport, and various other colleges.

The college’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs include Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc), 4-year BS program in English and Computer Science, Master of Business Administration (MBA), and 5-year LL. B degrees. The University of Peshawar also offers the Edwards A-Level Program and the Faculty of Arts (FA) and Faculty of Science (FSC) certificates through the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Higher National Diploma in Business and Information Technology (H.N.D.) BS English program offers a third-year option at an institution in the UK, USA, or Australia.

The latter argues that Edwards College was established by the Church Mission Society as a private missionary educational institution and had its own financial resources, which were created through donations and fees. The college is currently in decline as a result of a long-running legal battle over its ownership, which is between the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial government and the Peshawar area. Officials claimed that all private schools and colleges were taken over by the government in 1972 and that the college had been regularly funded by the provincial government for more than five decades and was an independent rather than private one. Had become an institution. The legal battle has brought the institute to the brink of collapse.

The college is a Christian foundation (United Church of Pakistan). Unlike many other university colleges, it did not face the nationalization process of the 1970s. His ethics are well described by an early principal, Rev. R. H. Noble

“We are people of different countries, faiths, and races who live in harmony and friendship. We work together and strive to learn the secret of friendship and peace.